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My 4-day *FREE* email course on identifying your difficulties with boundaries––so you'll be able to overcome them.

by Kylie from tend + mend

by kylie at tend + mend

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Pop quiz: 
if someone asked you about boundaries
and why they are important, 
what would you say?

a little stumped?

that's okay. so was I!

Pop quiz:
if someone asked you about boundaries and why they are important,
what would you say?

Let's be real: "boundaries" is one of those buzzwords, amiright?

I forget what all we mean when we say “boundaries.” On top of that, it can get confusing because “boundaries” is used to refer to so many different things.

But the more I learn + live out meaningful boundaries, the more I realize how they are connected with everything. Boundaries truly are a key component to both our relationship with our self and our relationships with others... so our boundaries affect almost every aspect of our life!

want to hear more of my story? 

Hi! I'm Kylie *insert waving hand emoji*

Hi! I'm Kylie and...

*insert waving hand emoji*

I confess, even as a therapist..

it's time to put yourself first

We will look at the current state of affairs between you + boundaries. A DTR, if you will.

and nope, not in a selfish way
(cause guess what--that's boundaries 101!)

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So if you’re wondering...

What are personal boundaries?
Why do I need boundaries?
How do I have healthy boundaries in my relationships?
How do I figure out what my boundaries are?

... you’re in the right place. 

In this course you'll learn

Ways to tell if your relationship with boundaries is off
Identifying your own patterns of boundary issues
Common fears + myths about boundaries

and you'll get

four days of emails with insights + questions for further reflection

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the opportunity to email me any thoughts and/or questions that come up during the course

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