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I'm a therapist committed to making resources accessible and meaningful for anyone.

Cause trust me––I know how difficult it is to make self-care is a priority. And our needs shift as often as our lives do (ie ALL the time). 

I'm all about helping everyday people be more kind to themselves + brave with their life.

and i'm so glad you're here!

i'm kylie,

I asked: would you recommend the self-care assessment to a friend?

"Yes, I would definitely recommend this assessment to others who are interested in reflecting on different aspects of their life and identifying how they can prioritize self-care. I discovered specific ways to improve my self-care through the thorough assessment."

Tatiana G., New Jersey,

"Very helpful, loved the reflection aspect as well as the feeling of movement forward as I worked on it. Felt very positive and relieved anxiety."

"It highlighted areas in which I’ve been neglecting to take care of myself and affirmed ways in which I had. It was good to see clearly where I need to put some focus."

anonymous survey response

anonymous survey response

anonymous survey response

It broke down different aspects of self-care. I can feel exhausted and not know why because I'm in a self-care rut-- I do the same things over and over, but forget to address my entire self and well being.... It made my growth areas very apparent.

anonymous survey response

"Yes because it is a simple assessment tool that also is a great guide for making improvements."

What you'll get...

a two page choose-which-describes-you-better questionnaire

based on themes of emotion regulation, self-awareness of needs, + evidence-based factors of resiliency

NOT based on prescribed items that are/are not self care — cause everyone does self-care differently

list of helpful resources at the end for ideas for next steps + additional support

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