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Let's address the 4 things that cause struggle with self-care

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a 45 minute video workshop about what keeps us from meaningful self-care

"But I shouldn't need a break..."
"They seem to be doing it all, so why can't I??"
"My to-do list is WAY too long to add self-care, too!"

any of these sound familiar?

(you bet they are for me!)

"But I shouldn't need a break..."
"They seem to be doing it all, so why can't I??"
"My to-do list is WAY too long to add in self-care, too!"

it's time to put yourself first

In this workshop, I'll break down each belief, where it might come from, and help you move past it

and nope, not in a selfish way
(Yeah... you bet we're gonna talk about that one)

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here's the plan:

Part 1: We'll identify the four common beliefs that get in the way of practicing meaningful self-care.

Part 2: I'll talk us through each of the four beliefs, providing examples, where these beliefs may be rooted, and how to address these beliefs.

Part 3: I'll bring it all together to cover how what we believe impacts our self-care practice.

Part 4: I'll leave you with journaling prompts (or conversation topics, if you're more of a verbal processor) to further explore which beliefs resonate with you most. 

Part 5: Plenty of time for you to ask me any questions!

I'll provide you with a (free) worksheet for taking notes, that summarizes what we talk about, so you can refer to it again and again as needed.

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You're on-board with this self care thing. But...

Don't get me wrong, I know you want  to practice self-care. You have the tools.

But you never seem to get around to doing it, and if you're honest, you aren't exactly sure why. 

I've DEFINITELY been there, too. I was in my master's degree program, working as a therapist, and learning all the coping tools and self-care habits, yet something still wasn't clicking. 

want to hear more of my story? 

Hi! I'm Kylie *insert waving hand emoji*

Hi! I'm Kylie and...

*insert waving hand emoji*

it doesn't seem to happen

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She is doing such important, meaningful work, and I truly appreciate it.

I listened to the self care workshop as I got ready for work and school this morning. Today I found myself asking what I needed, and checking in with myself much more than usual. I think her workshop and words of wisdom will stay with me and keep me more mindful of self care practices (and the things that usually keep me from self care).

Michelle Sargenti

Although I'm much older than her, she shares a wisdom that speaks to me at this time in my life.


I believe she cares about people, comes across as down to earth & relatable.

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