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Self Care Guide

by crafting a deep vision of self-care that actually works for you,
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Self Care Guide

the complete

It's time to give yourself the same TLC you're giving everyone else.

Don't get me wrong, Ben + Jerry's is the jam, and I do my fair share of binging + ice-creaming-ing. But is it self-care? Maybe. Maybe not. TBH, you're not really sure. So you slide that chunky monkey goodness out of the freezer and dig in, vowing that you'll get your self-care act together soon, feeling a twinge of shame that you can't seem to figure this thing out. 

And it's not for lack of intention. You hear 3829 times a day how important self-care is. You've bought the face-masks and bath bombs and that latest book by the edgy but relatable poet and a matching journal to boot. 

But something still seems... off. Instead of feeling rested, calm, and rejuvenated––you're overwhelmed with the ways you could be doing it better, yet feeling clueless about what actually matters.

Hey! I'm kylie and...

cause that's what you deserve.

It's been a long week. A long month, really. Suddenly you realize you haven't done any of the "self-care" you had planned to do––unless you count binging episodes of Tidying Up. Or popping a half pint of Ben + Jerry's from the freezer for a nightly pick-me-up.

What if we could make self-care mean something again?

other than something you're always *hoping* to get to

(but secretly feels like spitting in the wind)

Imagine this instead...

going through your days with a clearer understanding of the meaning and purpose of self-care and why it matters for you; no more  doubting whether there's more (or less!) you should be doing

knowing for sure that all your needs are being tended to, ensuring that  nothing is overlooked (which is easy to do, amiright??)

a sense of calm knowing that you are prepared for the things that get in the way of self care, no matter what gets thrown in your path 

deep-in-your-gut confidence in your ability to practice self-care and adjust your practice as needed; you've got a list of tools to reach into whenever the time arises

What others are saying

I would highly recommend this Guide to any and all people who are in need of some rest, feeling scattered, or are looking to take care of themselves a bit better!

In a world where we glorify busyness, it is important to pause and reflect on how we look out for ourselves! I found the detailed and categorized prompts and questions helpful to specifically identify areas of self-care that I neglect to consider. From this workbook, I feel that I have an inventory of ways in which I care for myself well, and areas in which I can create helpful goals to continue to grow. I really enjoyed the thoughtful heart behind the self-care guide, and would encourage you to take some time to love and care for yourself by reflecting on how you navigate self-care. :)

- Emily P.

The Self-Care Guide is your new best friend, helping you reimagine self-care so it's sustainable, meaningful, and realistic.

All in one 41-page workbook.

I first heard the concept of self-care in college... and had NO idea what it meant. And to be honest, it's taken years to really get a handle on it. But since then, I can honestly say that changing my perspective on self-care has led to not only tools for preventing overwhelm + burnout, but some major changes in how I live my life.

But I don't want you to spend 5+ years spinning your wheels, and you don't need to be a therapist to figure it out. Life's too short for that. 

So I'm breaking it all down just for you.

Sound good? Here's What You'll Get...

41-page guide + workbook, $38

Thoughts, teaching, and reflection prompts to guide you in defining self-care for yourself

Reflection exercises to help you expand and clarify your self-care vision

Tools + reflections on addressing the things that  hinder our self-care efforts

Planning worksheets to map out + specify your vision of self-care for every area of your life

Prompts for creating self-care practices that suit your needs on a daily, weekly, monthly, and as-needed basis

Journal prompts for how self-care fits into your greater life purpose, needs, and vision––the best way to ensure that your self-care practice sticks

A Little More from Me...

I'm Kylie. If you've been around for a hot-minute then you know It’s no secret that self-care is a passion of mine. But even though I’m a trained and experienced therapist, I didn’t write this merely as a “professional” but as a person.

Because the truth is that self-care has been a game changer in my life. I know what it’s like to go through each day overwhelmed, burnt out, and fearful of what challenges might come my way. 

But the good news is that there’s another way. The difficult circumstances won’t go away, but you can trust your ability to face each day and care for yourself. 

I created this workbook because so many of the self-care resources are only focused on ideas for relaxing activities, which is truthfully only part of a robust self-care vision. 

I also created it because I want you to know that you are the expert on your self care, not me or anyone else. I want to help deepen your understanding of the meaning and purpose of self-care, and then empower and unleash you to live it out every day of your life. Think of this guide as the midwife journeying with you to bring your self-care practice to life. But you do the work. You are the expert. 

I'm in! Add to my cart!

You know everything about self-care.
You aren't willing or ready to be reflective about yourself or your life.
You aren't quite interested in making any changes in your life.
You're looking for a quick fix or a 1-2-3 solution.

this guide is not for you if...

You want to care for yourself better but aren't sure where to start or how to improve.
You're tired of shallow advice about self-care.
You're ready to dig deep and do some meaningful reflection.
You want to understand self-care so well that you're able to make it a lifelong practice that ebbs and flows with you + your life.

this guide is for you if...

➀ Download (and print if desired) the pdf.
➁ Complete the first two sections of the vision guide. Brainstorm ideas. Make some plans.
➂ Create your morning + evening routines.
➃ Put your ideas into practice. Adjust as needed.
➄ Review the first sections as needed to re-capture and deepen the meaning of self-care for you.

How to Use this Guide:

→ Minimalistic, beautiful design. Easy to use format.
→ A lifetime resource. Buy once, print or use more whenever needed.
→ Minimal branding, just logo + copyright at bottom of page.
→ High print quality if you like the feel of pen to paper.
→ Binder friendly, with ample print margins.
→ Print friendly, with low ink design.

more details:

✉ More questions? Email me at tendandmendblog [!at]

You might be wondering...

Newsflash: you deserve the same TLC as everyone else

yes, you. get your copy of the Self-Care guide to refresh your habits today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the format of this guide?

how do I use this guide?

How long will the guide take?

Your guide will be sent to you via email as a 41-page pdf file.

You can either complete it digitally on your computer (or look at it on your computer and use your own pen + paper or journal, or print it out and complete it (my fave way!)

The great thing is this workbook is self-paced, so you decide how long you want to spend on it. You can go through it in one longer sitting or divide it up into smaller chunks. Whatever works best for you!

can I go through it more than once?

Absolutely! While the principles I teach are meant to be lifelong,  specifically created this as a tool to be used again and again, anytime you need to refresh or expand your vision and self-care practice.

Unfortunately, due to the digital nature of this guide, I do not offer refunds after purchase. If there is an issue with your purchase, please contact me directly so we can work it out.

do you offer a refund policy?

What is the format of this guide?

how do I use this guide?

how long will the guide take?

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